Coffee Cart

Our Beans For You Coffee Cart is fully equipped and self contained so that we can set up in almost any type of environment.

Due to this versatility, we can set up indoors as well as outdoors.


Our indoor setups are a unique feature when using a coffee cart. If you organise a van to attend your indoor event, your guests will need to be going outside for their coffee, and lets face it, who wants to go outside when you can keep everyone inside?

All we require is one regular household powerpoint and access to a tap in case we need to top up our water supply. Other than that we are able to easily fit into most areas.

This option is great for parties, openings or corporate events. Because we are our own company, we are happy to work with clients to brand ourselves differently for the event so that we can all blend in and work as one team.

We fit inside a space of no more than 3m x 3m and operation will be just like any other cafe you attend.


indoor coffee cart


Our outdoor set up can be changed to suit. Ideally a power source will be available with at least one 15 amp power point, however we do have a petrol generator that powers our entire setup.
We can operate under our 3m x 3m gazebo, under cover, or pretty much anywhere as long as our precious coffee machine is not exposed to harsh weather.

We pride ourselves on running a clean cafe and make sure we get to site early to set up and ensure our coffee machine and grinder are perfectly in sync. Did you know slight changes in temperature and humidity require coffee to be ground differently? Not a lot of places do, but we are always on the look out to make sure we are pouring the best shot of coffee.

outdoor coffee cart

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